“Make An Impact with EASE”

Carley & Amanda have spent many years working and volunteering in Northern Tanzania. As well as looking after East Africa Safari Experts clients on the ground in Tanzania, Amanda runs a Hostel for Volunteers in Moshi.

There are many international volunteer organisations who offer “Volunteer Tourism” packages, but we are different. By booking with East Africa Safari Experts, there are two very important factors that we can guarantee. Firstly, our prices are low and cover your accommodation and food, not large administration fees absorbed by an international company. Secondly, because Amanda is on the ground in Tanzania, you get full in country support from one of EASE’s directors.

Volunteer in Tanzania

Our Volunteer Hostel:

Our volunteer hostel is located in Moshi, which is the base of Mt Kilimanjaro. The hostel has the space and atmosphere for people to relax, have fun, chat, work and watch DVD’s.

People come from all around the world and stay from 1 month to as long as 12 months. The hostel is located just 5 mins walk from town and a 4000Tshs (approx USD$2.50) taxi ride from any of the most popular restaurants.

Accommodation is mostly dorm rooms, with a few private 2 person rooms for couples or friends travelling together. There are between 2-6 beds per room depending on the size of the room and the time of year you come (off-season there will likely be less people; high season, well, it’s an opportunity to make more close friends!). The emphasis at the hostel is placed on a relaxed friendly atmosphere and after a few weeks, will feel like your second home. Most people who stay are travelling alone so it gives an opportunity for people to live with and make friends with other travellers and volunteers. There are many common sitting areas and rooms, so there is space to carry out different activities.

When volunteers have returned from their volunteer projects in the afternoons or on the weekends you can commonly see a volleyball match happening in the front yard, people playing cards or darts, relaxing in one of the hammocks, reading or chatting to our local staff.

Breakfast and dinner are provided for everyone and laundry is also included. We have a wonderful team of staff working at the hostel, who are friendly, trustworthy and love interacting with the volunteers. Everything is provided at the hostel, from mosquito nets, sheets and pillows, to books and DVDs.

A volunteering stay will allow you to feel a part of the culture and lifestyle, rather than just from a tourist’s point of view.

Volunteer Projects:

At the time of your inquiry, we can discuss any skills you may have or what you want to get out of the volunteering experience. We have a full range of projects you can choose from, which include nursery & primary schools, vocational training centres, orphanages, centres for children with disabilities, medical centres, women’s groups and community development or conservation projects.

For more detailed information on these go to the “Projects” tab.


Here are some of the projects you can work with during your time in Tanzania:


There is a huge need for extra help in Tanzanian schools. However, it is very important to know where and how to give support. We do not support government schools as this interferes with the local education system and may reduce the incentive for the government to improve its own educational system, whilst also disrupting the work of the local teachers. In general we support locally based schools, trying to provide an education to those that would otherwise go without. We currently have volunteer positions at teaching projects for children of all ages. The nursery schools are run by local organisations trying to prepare the children for primary school by teaching them basics such as reading, writing, Maths, Swahili and English. Projects working with older children are providing an education to orphaned and disadvantaged children, who otherwise would not be able to attend school. We do not agree with placing unskilled people into teaching positions, replacing local teachers or disrupting the work of the local teachers. Local teachers are teaching at all of these schools and rather than replace them, we try to enhance their work by taking extra classes and activities, dividing large classes and helping give more individual attention to the children. Volunteers can also help with one-on-one tuition for children falling behind.

One of the common difficulties for children in Tanzania is that Primary School is taught in Swahili and Secondary School in English. This is obviously a difficult transition therefore a lot of assistance is required to help children build their English.

Along with formal teaching there are opportunities to pass on other skills to children, such as drama, singing, music, gardening, hygiene and human rights. Volunteers run skills training and health/life skills tasks at a few projects.

You do not need to be a teacher to help with teaching positions. You can still be a valuable asset when volunteering as a teacher’s assistant, activities director or offering one-on-one tuition. Other aspects of teaching projects include working with children with learning difficulties, street children and young people on remand. Vocational skills are particularly valuable for these placements.


There are many orphanages within Moshi and its surrounding area. Due to the high rates of HIV/AIDS and poverty here, there are large numbers of orphans who benefit from the help offered by these centres.

We currently financially support Hope Village Orphanage. This orphanage is more like a family home, with seven children who have been taken in by one local lady. Volunteers work at the orphanage after the children return home from school each day, helping the children with their homework and running activities for them.

We have other orphanages also requiring volunteers, although some are only available during school holidays when the children are home from school. Often these can be combined with a teaching project close by during term time. If you prefer to work solely at an orphanage, manual work such as farming and household chores are available whilst the children are at school.

Volunteering at an orphanage can be very rewarding. The children love having people to play with or provide some simple lessons. No skills are required for this type of volunteering, just a true love for children.

Working with Disabilities

Volunteers wishing to work with young people with disabilities are always welcome, as there are eleven centres in need of support in the Moshi area. Some centres focus on children with more physical disabilities and others work primarily with mental disabilities such as autism and downs syndrome.

Volunteers are required to play with the children, help with drawing and writing, assist with feeding and other daily chores and provide simple exercises with the physically disabled children. Occupational Therapists, physiotherapists and volunteers with experience of working with special educational needs are most useful at these centres, however all volunteers with experience of working with disabilities will be welcome.

Manual Work

Construction and building work is frequently being undertaken by a number of our projects, although this can be sporadic as it is often based upon available funds. Please contact us to find out where there is a need for support when you would like to stay.

A greater awareness of environmental sustainability is also developing in the region and as a result a number of our projects are developing environmental aspects to their work. For example, one of our orphanages operates a farm to provide produce for the orphans and another projects focuses on growing and planting trees in the local villages where deforestation has occurred. Whilst volunteers with experience of sustainability and farming are very useful here, those with no skills but a willingness to work hard are also very welcome.

Clinical Work

There are a number of small clinics and hospitals we work with that are in need of support from volunteers with a medical background, including medical students, doctors, nurses, laboratory technologists and midwives. Volunteering in this way provides a great opportunity to share skills and gain experience.

Women’s Projects

There are many women’s groups in the area affecting change at a local level. The women that create these groups are often widowed due to HIV/AIDS virus, HIV positive themselves or looking after the children of deceased relatives. These groups generally focus on helping at a very local level to empower those around them. Common activities include educational and microfinance projects to assist women in becoming self-sufficient, supporting local orphans in the form of access to free education, and raising awareness of important health issues.

We are working with a number of such groups that are at different stages of development. Volunteers are needed to support various on-going activities such as microfinance projects, education or administration or helping with long term funding. Volunteers are placed according to their skills and length of time here, as some groups are looking for very specific skills, whilst others can use help at a more basic level. Contact us directly for information. Women’s groups also undertake local community based projects such as surveying in local villages, running community health seminars or discovering new ways to assist a particular village.

Women’s and Community development projects are most suited to volunteers who can come for a minimum 3 month period.

Other Projects

Some of our projects undertake a multitude of different work. Often teaching, community work and women’s groups can be combined. Projects are also continuously evolving and therefore may have more specific needs at certain times. When contacting us it is good to advise us of any skills or experience you have. We have connections with projects needing medical practitioners, website designers, social and international development, construction, lawyers, social workers, therapists and many other skills. We can find something that will be enjoyable to you whilst also highly benefiting a project.

Accommodation & Costs


We have a minimum 4 week stay and this is to ensure all of our volunteers are truly valuable to the project they work at.

Each price includes pre-departure guide, airport pick-up from Kilimanjaro airport, Moshi town tour and arrival orientation, dorm room accommodation, breakfast & dinner daily and laundry.

4 weeks: AUD$840

6 weeks: AUD$1230

8 weeks: AUD$1630

10 weeks: AUD$2020

12 weeks: AUD$2400

Longer stay prices can be advised upon request as well as private rooms rates.

The additional costs are flights, travel insurance, personal spending (such as internet usage, lunches, toiletries, souvenirs), additional activities in the area, like safari, and your volunteer visa.

Volunteer Visa Costs:

To volunteer in Tanzania you will require a Class C Resident/Volunteer Visa and there are 2 steps towards this. First you need to obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport and this is USD$50 for Australian passport holders. Then once in Moshi, we need to change that over to the Class C Resident/Volunteer visa. For this you will need to bring the below documents and payment in USD:

  • Passport photocopy
  • 4 passport photos
  • CV/Resume
  • Education certificate (high school or university certificate or copy of grades)
  • Volunteer visa payment of USD$200 (up to 3 months)

For stays of over 3 months, contact us for different visa requirements.

Karibu (welcome) to Tanzania!