Things to do


For most travelers planning a trip to Africa, the major focus is a wildlife safari and there are no shortages of safari options in East Africa.  The vision of wide, open plains and an abundance of wildlife is easily experienced in Tanzania and Kenya, with Tanzania recently being voted the Best Safari Country in Africa.  For something a little different, safaris in Uganda are mostly set in forest environments, including some gentle hiking and boating experiences.


Visit the gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda?  It’s a common debate however largely depends on the rest of your trip.  If wanting to add a gorilla trek as an extension from a Tanzanian or Kenyan safari, Rwanda is the perfect destination and offers a quieter, more exclusive gorilla experience.  The gorilla’s in Uganda are fantastic if doing a longer Uganda itinerary that incorporates the gorillas or if you’re on a budget as gorilla permits in Uganda are less expensive.


Tanzania offers some amazing hiking options.  For our adventurous clients, hiking Mt Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience.  The highest mountain in Africa, takes between 6-8 days to climb and can be experienced by first time hikers or seasoned climbers.  For a shorter hiking option, why not include Lake Natron into your safari itinerary and have the opportunity to hike the active volcano, Oldoinyo Lengai.


Although Kenya offers some nice beaches, you cannot go past the island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania.  This is the ideal location to end your African adventure.  Relax on the beautiful beaches or enjoy a day trip of snorkelling or swimming with the dolphins.  For those interested in architecture and culture, a visit to Stone Town should not be missed and the famous Spice Tour give insight into the way of life of the people of Zanzibar.


To get the most of your experience we recommend combining some of the options above. Why not safari in Tanzania then visit the Gorillas in Rwanda or finish your Gorilla trip with a few days on the beaches of Zanzibar? The combinations are only limited by your imagination and we can create the perfect itinerary to meet all your needs and give you the holiday of a lifetime! Please see our Multi-Country page for some example itineraries.