Community development

East Africa Safari Experts are committed to making a difference in the region. We ensure each traveller we bring to East Africa not only experiences these amazing countries but also has a lasting impact on the local community.

In Tanzania, it is estimated that over 3 million children are orphaned and approximately half of this is due to HIV. Many children have extended family that can look after them however, for those who do not, their survival depends on being placed in a local orphanage.

The directors of East Africa Safari Experts, Carley Andrews and Amanda Natai have worked in Community Development in Tanzania for over 7 years. They know the best ways to ensure travellers make a lasting impression when they leave this incredibly country and are dedicated to creating change within the community.

Through their work in Tanzania they have found that often kids are taken into large, corrupt organisations where they are piled in together without proper care and sent out to fend for themselves at 16 years old – only to find themselves in trouble again. This leads to the development of further organisations; street kids programs, vocational training programs and youth initiatives to try to help these teens and young adults to support themselves in the world. So in the development of their organisations, Carley and Amanda ensure that the kids grow up in a safe and nurturing environment where they receive full education and ongoing support into adulthood. What they do is about changing the cycle of poverty. These kids are the future of Tanzania and we can help them to create a future for their country; One child at a time.

When you travel with East Africa Safari Experts, a portion of profits is donated to 2 orphanages; Ujamaa Children’s Home established and run by Carley Andrews in Arusha and Hope Village run by Amanda in Moshi.

Ujamaa Children's Home

Ujamaa Children’s Home isn’t just an orphanage; it’s a home. They raise kids in a family environment where they live together as brothers and sisters and this bond will remain for the rest of their lives. They provide the highest level of care and education and they do this by maintaining small numbers and a close-knit family.

They give their kids the chance to live happy and fulfilled lives as adults by providing Primary and Secondary Education as well as support with further study (university, trade school) based on what they want to do. And they don’t stop supporting them just because they turn 18 years. This is a long-term commitment and they are excited to see our children grow into the exceptional adults they have the potential to become.

Founded in 2009 by Australian women, Carley Andrews and Lucy Bradlow, the idea was simple – to give kids in need the love and support of a family and a place to call home. They started with 2 kids and now have 10 with the intention of bringing up to 20 children into the family.

Ujamaa Children’s Home runs exclusively on the support of Sponsors and Donors. They have almost no administrative costs. All Trustees volunteer their time and expertise to the organisation. The only paid staff are the hard working Tanzanians who are at the home on a daily basis. Therefore we guarantee that 95% of funds donated go directly to support the kids.

If you are interested in supporting the home or would like more information about please contact:



Hope Village for Orphaned & Vulnerable Children

In Moshi, Amanda’s charity, Path To Africa rescued Hope Village for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in 2011 when the home was due to close because they could not financially support themselves. Hope Village is a small orphanage with 7 children of primary school age and although the desire is to keep it a small family environment, we would like to be able to help more children.

When each child first came to Hope Village Orphanage they were malnourished and had either lost their parents or had family who could not afford to look after them. In a western world, this is quite rare however here in Africa, unfortunately it’s quite common. Children deserve more and since joining the orphanage, we have seen them flourish academically, socially and the smiles on their faces say it all.

Path To Africa provides financial assistance to cover the running costs of the orphanage as well as working towards obtaining sponsors for each child. Hope Village for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children is one of the projects you can choose from if you are volunteering through East Africa Safari Experts. For more information, visit our web site abovet or email us on